About the RACP

Bringing Specialists Together.
Sharing Knowledge. Building Skills.

RACP Congress 2016
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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) trains, educates and advocates on behalf of 15,750 Physicians and 7,000 trainee Physicians in Australia and New Zealand.

The RACP represents a broad range of medical specialties including general medicine, paediatrics and child health, cardiology, respiratory medicine, neurology, oncology, public health medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, palliative medicine, sexual health medicine, rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine and addiction medicine. Beyond the drive for medical excellence, the RACP is committed to developing health and social policies which bring vital improvements to the wellbeing of patients.

The RACP offers 61 training pathways. These lead to the award of one of seven qualifications that align with 45 specialist titles recognised by the Medical Board of Australia or allow for registration in nine vocational scopes with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

The RACP provides:


  • accredited specialist training to doctors who have completed their medical degree and wish to practise as physicians in Australia or New Zealand

  • continuing professional development and education for specialists who have completed their physician training and have become Fellows of the RACP

  • assessment of Overseas Trained Physicians who wish to practise as physicians in Australia or New Zealand

  • awards including fellowships, scholarships, grants and prizes to support medical graduates, Fellows and trainee physicians with their education and research

  • advocacy for physicians in Australia and New Zealand

  • events including conferences, training sessions, and continuing professional development workshops

  • opportunities for physicians and trainee physicians to connect as a community of physicians in Australia and New Zealand

The RACP is committed to establishing and maintaining a high standard of practice through the training and continuing professional development of our Fellows and trainees. We promote a proactive approach to health, and advocate on behalf of physicians to shape the future of healthcare.